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  Cattle Handling



Warrior Crush


A simple, basic crush.


Saracen Crush

Features self-locking yoke.  Shown with Super Scoop head restraint attached.


Champion Beef Master Crush
Heavy duty neck yoke.  This crush is designed for larger breeds and is 900mm wide.

Highland Cattle Crush

Ideal for any breed with large horns.


Full Access Crush
Unobstructed access to both sides of the animal.  Shown with Centurion type yoke but also available with Saracen
or Chieftain yokes.

Belly Clipping Crush
Revolving rump bar and anti-kick bar have multiple settings for all sizes of animal.  Shown with Saracen yoke but
Centurion or Chieftain yokes are also available.

Dual Width Crush
This crush can have internal dimensions of 738mm, 659mm or 580mm by moving the side panel of the crush
inwards, therefore accommodating animals of different sizes.

Dairymaster Crush
Foot trimming equipment included to give easy access for all tasks.

Cattle Crush Extension Kiosk
Extends the length of the crush and has a sliding gate which closes
off the race, and hinged gates on both sides which makes access to
the rear of the animal easy.

Mobile Crush
20 feet long with 6 gates @ 12 feet which fold out to
make a holding pen.
Hydraulic rams lower the unit to the ground.
Manual or automatic headgates available.


Forcing System


This 10ft forcing system for cattle improves throughput, makes handling easier and is safe for the operator.


Simple Handling System
Hurdles: 5ft high by 10ft, 8ft or 7ft long.
5ft gate in a frame: a sliding gate which can slide either way and a
self-locking yoke in a frame.
Vet access gate (2' 2") or cow diverter gate (3' 5") within a 10ft or 8ft
hurdle also available.

Calving Yoke Gate
A 10ft long hurdle with a gate within the frame which allows the cow
into the pen and swings round to make the cow go into the yoke.

Fallen Stock Container
A sealed skip, the ultimate in biosecurity.


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