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Cattle Feeding


Cattle Feed Rings


Super HD Tombstone Standard Circular Heavy Duty Circular
2285mm / 7' 6" diameter.
1150mm high with
670mm deep welded base.
12 feed spaces.
2135mm / 7' diameter.
1295mm high with
525mm deep welded base.
20 feed spaces.
2135mm / 7' diameter.
1450mm high with
670mm deep welded base.
20 feed spaces.

Barrier and Trough Units

Middlefield type


Silage Bunker with lower side (one metre high)
for filling with a mixer wagon.


Standard Silage Bunker

The tractor side of the Middlefield type trough is higher than the cow side, which stops so much food being nosed out.
Silage feed bunkers are made with 3.2mm steel plate and can be any length up to 20ft. They can be moved with pallet
fork positions underneath.
The Standard Silage Bunker has diagonal barriers on three sides.

Barley Beef Feeders
10 feet wide single-sided. They have a flap on the lid to
guide the food into the hopper so there is no spillage
when using an 8ft wide bucket. Adjustable slides to
regulate the flow of feed into the trough. 1 tonne capacity.
Creep gates available.
  Also available: 6 ft and 8 ft galvanised single and
double-sided barley beef feeders with adjustable
legs and painted single-sided barley beef feeders.

Cattle Feed Trailers

Available 14 ft, 16 ft and 20 ft long.
Red trailer has wooden floor 18mm thick. Grey trailer has all steel floor 3.2mm thick.



Double Sided Calf Creep


10 feet wide with creep gates and wings which fold onto the hopper for transport. Gates can be removed to make an ad-lib
hopper. 1 tonne capacity. Easy to fill. 20 feet of feeding space.
All the bulk feeders are 10 feet wide so that there is no spillage when using an 8ft wide bucket. they have a flap on the lid to
guide the food into the hopper and all hoppers have adjustable slides to regulate the flow of feed into the trough. Alternative sizes
of feeder can be made to order.


Calf  Creep  Feeders


Standard                                     Heavy Duty


Heavy Duty

Both models shown above: 2500mm (8' 2") long x 1800mm wide x 1500mm high. 455 litre capacity.
40 x 40mm RHS frame (Standard), 50 x 50mm RHS frame (Heavy Duty).  Galvanised finish.

Full length sliding lid. Hayrack inside. Forklift lifting facility. 3 point linkage. Adjustable creep bar. Adjustable vertical
bars on heavy duty model.


Calf Creep Hurdle
8ft long with lugs at the end to join onto handling hurdles.


Rectangular Feed Bin on Legs

5ft wide. Less expensive than a feed trailer.
Any length up to 20 feet and cattle feed
from 4 sides which is efficient.



Feed Bins on Skids

All metal feed bins:
Available in lengths from 2440mm (8') to 3657mm (12')
22 to 28 feed spaces.  All 1370mm wide, 1360mm high.
40mm x 40mm RHS main frame, 35mm dia vertical rails.
Pre-galvanised sheet metal trough, 48.3mm dia skids.
Timber based feed bins:
3150mm (10' 4") or 3760mm (12' 4") long.
1775mm wide, 1420mm high.  48.3mm dia skids.
50 x 25mm and 50 x 50mm RHS main frame
38mm dia vertical rails.  Tanalised timber trough.
Tombstone frame ends, suitable for a bull or cow with horns.


High Density Feeders

Sheeted Base   Timber Base

Both units: 3050mm (10') long x 1520mm (5') wide x 1450mm high. 610mm (2') deep base.  50mm x 50mm RHS frame.
44.5mm tubular infills.  Base in sheet metal or tanalised timber.


Diagonal Feed Fence
Panels are available 9' 9" long with a 3" post, 14' 8" long with
a 3.5" post or 14' 6" long with adjustable brackets (flat or angle)
at the end to suit 15 ft bays. Any length up to 20ft can be made.
The diagonal feed fence can have a timber base and can be
made to open as a gate unit. Tombstone feed fence and self-
locking yokes are also available.


Cattle Feed Trough


Single or double available, also
calf troughs.

Tough and long-lasting.

8 ft long. on legs to stand
2' 7" high (calf trough stands
1' 11" high).
Can have wheels at one end.

Cattle Feed Troughs
8 foot long beef troughs with straight legs.


Pig Feeding Equipment also available.


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