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Sheep Handling Equipment


Weigh Crates


Manual or electronic



Large Pig/Lamb Weigher


Length 1280mm, Height inside 765mm, Width inside 410mm, 150kgs capacity.


Dagging Crate - Click Here for leaflet
No need to bend down - sheep goes up ramp onto the platform which swings out and upwards.
Self-locking yoke at the front.

Turnover Crates - Click Here for leaflet

Ideal for foot trimming and
adjustable for different sizes
of sheep.



Foot trimming and dagging are possible with this crate.



Sheep Handling Systems - Click Here for leaflet



Large Bugle System (System D)


Sheep move easily through this system where they can be
sorted or treated in different races.



Trailer M - Click Here for leaflet


Shedding race and working race.  10 handling hurdles @ 6 feet long are included with this trailer.



Trailer G - Large - Click Here for leaflet



Trailer G - Small

  • 14 feet long and adjustable in width from 1ft 6 ins to 4 feet, allowing the sheep to be worked from either outside or inside the race.
  • When in the narrow position, the sides can be sloped inwards to fit a narrow footpath or to make the sheep approach the shedding ring in single file.
  • The stop gate is separated from the shedding gate, allowing sheep to be stopped at speed. The open appearance encourages sheep forward to fill the race completely.
  • Overall length including drawbar is 19 feet. Width incl. wheels is 6ft 6ins.
  • Optional turnover crates, weighing machine, wide and narrow footpaths, etc. can be carried and used on the mobile handler.


Stand In Footbath


10 ft long x 3ft wide.  Holds about 8 or 9 ewes.

Components can be bought separately.



Wool Packing Crates

Single crate - holds one fleece bag in place. Lowered sides
for easy filling. Side folds down to allow full fleece bags to
be removed easily.
Double crate - holds two bags side by side. One bag can be filled while the other is being closed and changed, or both filled at the same time with different types of wool.


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