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Welcome to the Penderfeed website. This is a family business which prides itself on giving personal service with attention to
detail when selling robust livestock feeding and handling equipment. Originally a Penderfeed was a walk through sheep feeder
with a steel frame to which the wood was bolted. I used to farm on a hill farm, but moved to Middlefield in 1982. This farm is
arable, so there was no grass for the sheep which I brought with me. I therefore constructed these walk through troughs which
acted as a PEN Division as well as a FEEDer. My name is SanDERson - thus PENDERFEED. These were used in the sheds
to house the sheep during the winter. One or two farmers asked if I could make some for them, which I did, so I decided to
market them and used the slogan "Turn any Shed into a Sheep Shed with a Penderfeed". The first feeders were sold in 1987.
“Penderfeeds” are still manufactured and sold from our workshop, but now PENDERFEED is the name given to our Livestock
Equipment enterprise. The steady progression of useful products has allowed the business to expand and develop innovative
ideas. For example the bulk feeders are 10ft long so can be easily filled with a forklift bucket.
Not every item which we sell has been shown on these pages, therefore please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your
requirements, because we can supply almost anything for feeding or handling all types of livestock.
Please also look at the buildings page to see the spacious, light and airy Cover-All buildings which are suitable for numerous
agricultural, industrial and commercial uses. There is also a link here to the Cover-All website for further information.
Thank-you for your time and we hope you enjoy your visit.


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